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Anthropological Linguistics, a quarterly journal founded in 1959, provides a forum for the full range of scholarly study of the languages and cultures of the peoples of the world, especially the native peoples of the Americas. Embracing the field of language and culture broadly defined, the editors welcome articles and research reports addressing cultural, historical, and philological aspects of linguistic study, including analyses of texts and discourse; studies of semantic systems and cultural classifications; onomastic studies; ethnohistorical papers that draw significantly on linguistic data; studies of linguistic prehistory and genetic classification, both methodological and substantive; discussions and interpretations of archival material; edited historical documents; and contributions to the history of the field.

Anthropological Linguistics (ISSN 0003-5483) (USPS 026980) is published quarterly by the American Indian Studies Research Institute and the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Douglas R. Parks

Associate Editors
Raymond J. DeMallie (Indiana University)
Victor Golla (Humboldt State University)
Philip S. LeSourd (Indiana University)

Managing Editor
John A. Erickson

Editorial Board
Richard Bauman (Indiana University)
Robert Botne (Indiana University)
David Bradley (La Trobe University)
Lyle Campbell (University of Hawaiʿi at Mānoa)
Regna Darnell (University of Western Ontario)
R. M. W. Dixon (La Trobe University)
Patience L. Epps (University of Texas at Austin)
Michael Fortescue (University of Copenhagen)
Ives Goddard (Smithsonian Institution)
Jeffrey Heath (University of Michigan)
Marianne Mithun (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)
Jonathan Owens (University of Bayreuth)
David S. Rood (University of Colorado)

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