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Ten-Year Index (1989-1998)

Ten-Year Index

Peter T. Daniels
New York City


Part One: authors. Part One contains a list of articles arranged alphabetically by the first author's last name, numbered consecutively continuing the numeration of the Thirty-Year Index prepared by Keith P. Jacobi and Kathryn B. Propst, which has been followed for content and style (and for the wording of this Introduction). Each author's articles appear in order of publication. The volume number for each article is given in bold type. The issue number is given in parentheses. Annual indexes began appearing with volume 36; they have been followed for the alphabetization of compound names.

Part two: additional authors. Part Two is a list of additional authors. The numbers following an author's name refer to entries in Part One.

Part three: languages and language groups. Part Three is a language index. The numbers following a topic refer to entries in Part One. Areal groupings are marked with an asterisk.

Part four: books reviewed. Part Four alphabetically lists books reviewed by the first author of the book; additional authors are included in the main list with a cross reference. The reviewer's name appears in bold type. The numbers following a reviewer's name refer to entries in Part One. Note that two books were reviewed in Anthropological Linguistics twice.

Part five: portraits of linguists. Part Five lists the portraits of linguists that accompany biographical articles.

Part six: publications received. Part Six notes the lists of Publications Received that have appeared at the end of the last number of most volumes in the past ten years.

Part seven: volumes. Part Seven is a complete list of articles for each year of the journal. These are arranged chronologically, and special issues are registered here.

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