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Vol. 31, nos. 1-2
(Spring and Summer 1989)

Thirty-Year Index (1959-1988)
Keith P. Jacobi and Kathryn B. Propst


Introduction 1
Part One: Authors3
Part Two: Additional Authors53
Part Three: Languages and Language Groups55
Part Four: Reviews65
Part Five: Volumes68


Part One contains a numbered list of articles arranged alphabetically by the first author's last name. The volume number for each article is given in bold type. The issue number is given in parentheses. Part Two is a list of additional authors. The numbers following an author's name refer to entries in Part One. Part Three is a language index. For articles published during the first twenty years, we relied on the Anthropological Linguistics indices prepared by Klokeid (1969) and Montler and Mayes (1979). For articles published during the last ten years, we have listed the major languages, language groups, proto-languages, and in some cases the populations that the articles concern. It may be necessary to search for variants of these topics. The numbers following a topic refer to entries in Part One. In 1982, Anthropological Linguistics began publishing book reviews. These are listed alphabetically by review author in Part Four. The author of the reviewed work appears in parentheses. Part Five is a complete list of articles for each year of the journal. These are arranged chronologically.

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