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Vol. 35, nos. 1-4 (1993)


A Retrospective of the Journal
Anthropological Linguistics: Selected Papers, 1959-1985


Introduction Douglas R. Parks, David W. Dinwoodie, and Raymond J. DeMallie 1
Anthropological Linguistics: A Retrospective Dell Hymes 9

Historical Relationship

Tonkawa and Algonkian Mary R. Haas 15
Genetic Classification: Retrospect and Prospect Dell H. Hymes 21
The Mesh Principle in Comparative Linguistics Morris Swadesh 38
Powell and Henshaw: An Episode in the History of Ethnolinguistics A. L. Kroeber 46
Kroeber, Powell, and Henshaw Dell H. Hymes 51
On the History of the Comparative Method Henry M. Hoenigswald 54
Distant Genetic Relationship and the Maya-Chipaya Hypothesis Lyle Campbell 66
Indo-Europeans in the Near East Carleton T. Hodge 90

Variation and Change in Language

Planning for a Standard Language in Modern Norway Einar Haugen 109
The Language Factor in National Development Charles A. Ferguson 124
Types of Linguistic Communities John J. Gumperz 130
Multilingual Dialectology and the New Yiddish Atlas Uriel Weinrich 143
Abstand Languages and Ausbau Languages Heinz Kloss 158
Lexical and Cultural Change in Yukian William W. Elmendorf 171
The Death of Language or Serendipity among the Shoshoni Wick R. Miller 243
Aspects of Syntactic and Semantic Variation within the Arizona Tewa Speech Community Paul V. Kroskrity 250
Last Speakers and Language Change: Two Californian Cases William W. Elmendorf 274

Structure in Language

The Transformational Model of Language Structure Zellig S. Harris 288
Two Early Grammars of Cherokee John R. Krueger 291
On the History of Structuralizing in Twentieth-Century America C. F. Voegelin and F. M. Voegelin 359
Linguistic Autonomy and the Linguistics of Carl Voegelin Ken Hale 388
Correspondence in Ojibwa Charles F. Voegelin and Leonard Bloomfield 399

Language and Culture

Cross-Language Parallels in Parental Kin Terms George Peter Murdock 421
Anaguta Cosmography: The Linguistics and Behavioral Implications Stanley Diamond 426
On the Unit of Translation Morris Swadesh 435
On Typology of Cognitive Styles in Language (with Examples from Chinookan) Dell H. Hymes 440
What Are the Signs of What: A Theory of 'Entitlement' Kenneth Burke 476
Métis: A Case of Triadic Linguistic Economy Patrick C. Douaud 498
Visions of Heaven: Religious Community in a Swedish Commune J. Hiram Wilson 524
Matters of Taste in Weyéwa Joel C. Kuipers 538

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